Healthy diet recipes for My dog and I 

Healthy diet recipes for My dog and I 

Behind every gorgeous daughter, there is always a gorgeous mom who tells the truth!

My mom aka my best friend never fails to freak out when I sorta give up on myself. Improving one self is a constant and never-ending process. From time to time, I let myself go, fall down in diminuendo and not bother to look back, you know, things like eating fried chicken and not bother to peel off chicken skin, a pint of ice cream for breakfast and pretend that I have no work to do, jobless and wear sweatpants all day! Sweatpants make people weak. They don’t have character, just like a lukewarm bath water. I want my Earl Grey hot just like I demand my bath water to be hot and fragrant! Now, it is time for crescendo and a stronger mind that’s less inclined to diminuendo!

Hot babes who are persistent in maintaining their health, youth and intellectual curiosity always have my utmost respect. Respect Hot babes, Stop bitching about how hot they are because everyone can be hot! Hot babes need to constantly work out, make sure they don’t eat junk food, care for their skin meticulously and most importantly Never Stop Learning new things to be even more brilliant.

Speaking of Reading, Sophie Kinsella did not disappoint me with her “My (not so) Perfect Life”, I HEART SOPHIE KINSELLA. I laughed so hard, full of inspirations, encouragements and humor. Babes empower each other, lift each other up, encourage each other to be even more gorgeous and sexier.

My sweatpants lifestyle blindfolded me to a hopeless 58.5 kg during this winter. I am really good at losing weight fast, but this is not what I wanted to do again. I have some eating disorder issue. I tend to eat A Lot and then starve myself to lose those guilty weight. It ruined my digestive system and menstruation cycle. I used to have a very very serious constipation issue. I only eat fibre when I want to lose weight and according to my grandpa “fibre” got stucked, not enough “carbs” to push them out. Yes grandpa you’re a genius!

So this time, I devised a 2-month plan to lose weight!


My 2-month Healthy Detox/Weight loss plan:

Good carbs: wild rice, tri-color quinoa, brown rice, red rice, black rice, old-fashioned rolled oats, barley, Sweet Potato, Banana

Good fats: Fish Oil with Omega 3,6&9,  Top quality extra virgin olive oil, Tahini paste, Coconut oil, Avocado, Cheese(haha)

Protein: Eggs, Silky Tofu (I don’t like firm tofu), Yogurt (Greek)

Antioxidants and Fibre: Ginger, Kale, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Strawberries, Blackberries, lemon, apple, orange, cucumber, banana, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, black fungus, kelp, seaweed, red dates Matcha tea and Earl Grey Tea(There is a lot of good fruits and veggy, those I listed are the ones I can get easily from farmer’s market and those I like.)


Breakfast When I am late to school: Old fashioned oatmeal with dried cranberries/raisins/pumpkin seeds (eat it in the car on the way to school)

Breakfast/Brunch When I wake up earlier and have time to prepare:

  1. Soak wild rice+quinoa+brown rice+red rice (or any grains combo you desire) overnight
  2. Wake up -> Steam rice first before washing my face -> Rice will be cooked when I am done with dressing and washing my face (less likely to be late)
  3.  Steam veggy, Slice avocado, Stir fry eggs with coconut oil
  4. Assemble them on a bowl then drizzle with Tahini+Extra Virgin Olive Oil+Turmeric+Sea Salt+Raw Honey sauce that I concocted.

Afternoon Tea

If I am really hungry, I will eat banana oatmeal or else Earl Grey Tea/ Matcha Tea with milk and fruits (2 apples because 1 is not enough and berries). Sometimes I make ginger shot/ginger lemon shot.

Ginger portion=>a thumb size

Super cool shot 1: Ginger + a glass of water + 1 tbsp honey -> blend -> drink up

Super cool shot 2: Ginger + 1 Orange + 1/2 glass of water -> blend -> drink up

Super cool shot 3: Ginger + 1 cup of spinach + 1/2 glass of water -> blend -> drink up


Mostly oatmeal or Tofu (A block) or 1 steamed sweet potato and some fruits

It takes time to lose weight. To avoid the weight to bounce back fast, you need to lose it gradually. The most ideal and maximum weight to lose each week is no more than 1 kg. This plan I devised is not only for weight loss but for detox as well. I cut down my sugar intake significantly. I have sugar addiction. It is common for me to devour a box of chocolate each day. Valentine’s day was just over, so I went to the store and got myself a tonnes of discounted Valentine’s day chocolate. I do my chocolate shopping after every major celebration like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or Halloween. I particularly love Halloween chocolate! Now, I still award myself with two pieces of dark chocolate after each meal as dessert. I keep my chocolate intake much much under control and I stopped eating ice cream like they are the only food exists in America.

I always drink tea like they are the best thing in the world. I need my daily Earl Grey or Matcha to function. Tea and books make me feel wonderful.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S.Lewis 

Drink more tea and read more books. Blow Kisses to all the babes out there who are making themselves even hotter! We babes should stick together! Empower each other!

I cannot stop vouching for extra virgin olive oil and fish oil. They really make my hair so glossy. They look shiny and glossy by itself, without having to apply a tonnes of expensive and unnecessary hair oil. In the beginning, it is only my corgi, Mini is taking her daily intake of fish oil. I avoided it because of the smell. I realized that after she started taking her daily dosage of fish oil, her fur is smoother and shiner. So, her mommy (me), started taking fish oil pills too. I found this fish oil pills with lemon flavor, swallow it fast and it will not stink to your breathe. No matter what, I never forget to eat two fish oil pills and 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil each day. Invest in good and top notch quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fish Oil, totally worth every penny you spend!!!

Homemade 5 minutes dog food recipes:

  1. Protein choice: Grass fed beef/ Organic Chicken drumstick (That’s all she will eat, she hates lamb, chicken breast, bison and turkey)
  2. Carb choice: wild rice quinoa combo I cooked for myself I will scope 3 tablespoons for her or else 3 tablespoons of old fashioned rolled oats
  3. Fats: Fish oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Fruits and Veggy: Finely chopped berries/apples/seaweed/kelp/broccoli/kale/cabbage/spinach (If it is not finely chopped, she will pick them out patiently)
  5. Sprinkle with some turmeric

All her food is prepared by steaming or lightly stir fried with coconut oil. I called it One pot dog food. All done in 5 minutes. Cook meat -> mix with rice and chopped veggy/fruits -> drizzle oil -> Serve and hope that she will approve it.

Lots of Kisses and love,

Charlotte and Mini (Mini is hotter because she has corgi butts, so unfair!)




Our breakfast 

Our breakfast 

Our Friday breakfast

For human on diet: Steamed Kale drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 dates, a pint of blackberries, 1 tomato, 1 steamed Japanese sweet potato, a glass of banana soy milk smoothie

For Mini the Corgi: Stir fried beef with crushed sweet potato and crushed blackberries

If I do not crush or chop her veggy/fruit into fine micro size pieces, she will patiently pick them out one by one and refuse to eat them.


The essentials for a regular work day: Earl Grey tea with milk and Matcha green tea without milk

The healthy way to diet

The first thing I tend to do when I am stressed out or depressed or want to decompress or in an extremely good mood or bored or watching movie is to munch on something. Last month had been a little challenging for me, with many tasks that needed to be sorted out, emotions to be filtered and confidence to be nurtured. I ate so much, in such a colossal portion that had never occurred to me that I can managed, still the hunger did not seems to be satiable. I ate and ate till I feel like a gold fish floating upside down at the corner of a fish tank. It started with I can’t pull my jeans up, then it was dress shirt looks like tee shirt on me. I never want to advocate losing weight or be skinny but being fat is just wrong. Being a plus size is wrong, no matter what the media tries to educate the public, you know it, I know it. It was wrong to overeat and indulge in all kinds of fats and sugar. Suck it up! It is time to be normal and admit my own fault. I am not very super skinny. I will never want to be size zero. To me, both plus size and size zero are not right.

Losing weight takes time. There is no alternative path to lose weight fast that is considered healthy. I have been neglecting my weight for a while so A One Month Diet Plan sounds about right. I have done a lot of researches regarding losing weight in a healthy way.

  1. Do not stop eating Good Carb: oatmeal, soba noodles, whole grain rice, wild rice, quinoa
  2. Do not stop eating Good Fats: Fish Oil-Omega 3, 6 & 9, top quality extra virgin olive oil
  3. Suck it up and stop complaining about the food being bland
  4. Do not forget about Protein and other crucial nutrients
  5. Cooking method for vegetables: Steam then drizzle with 1 tablespoon of really good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Day 1

Breakfast: Earl Grey Tea, Blackberries, Oatmeal with dried cranberries & raisins, 1 string cheese

Lunch: Pumpkin seeds, a can of wild sardines, Brussel sprouts, mushroom, 1 apple, 1 orange

Dinner: 1 cup of cauliflower, 1 cup of sweet potato, 1 egg
I drink a lot of water during the day. I do not drink coffee. I only drink tea and mostly Earl Grey. I sometimes take my Earl Grey tea with a lot of milk & No Sugar or just by itself.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 Earl Grey tea, 1 American Single, 1 apple

Lunch: 1 can of wild sardines, half cup of steamed kabocha squash, 1 cup of steamed cabbage, 1 block of silky tofu straight from packet

Dinner: 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 1 string cheese, 1 American Single, a quarter cup of oatmeal with dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds, half cucumber, 1 grapefruit
Day 3

Breakfast: Veggy Spring Rolls with Tahini

It was Friday, I don’t have to rush to school early morning so I made spring rolls. I got rice papers and Siracha from Chinatown. Then, went to farmers’ market to get some organic ginger, organic cilantro, lettuce and Tahini paste.

Sauce: 1 tbsp Tahini, 1 tsp Siracha, 1 tsp sesame oil, a pinch of salt, 1 tsp of raw white honey

Rolls: Lightly wet the rice paper, Lay on top of chopping board, Place the ingredients and tried to wrap them up into a giant cigar

Lunch: Cooked Matcha soba, 1 chopped apple, a handful of chopped cilantro, 1 tsp of chilli paste, a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Dinner: a quarter cup of oatmeal with dried cranberries, 2 eggs
It has been a week since the first day. I have lost about 2 kg in one week. The portions/contents for each meal are about the same as the photos I took as shown above. I make sure that I get enough protein, carbohydrate and fat each day. I have been eating fish oil from Nordic Naturals for about a year now. I am very pleased with the effects it has on my hair and my skin. I live in Oklahoma, the weather here is quite bizarre and dry. I used to have split ends but ever since I start to consume fish oil, I do not have split ends anymore. I do not have pictures of each meal for the whole week. I am in a hurry most of the time, morning classes Monday to Thursday.

My goal is to get back to 53kg, so I will continue sticking to this diet plan for as long as I need to reach 53kg. My current weight is about 57kg.

My corgi made me a better person

My corgi made me a better person

IMG_1495Walking my corgi at the park today, looking at her wiggling butt, I feel extremely grateful to have the chance to be her mom.

I would like to dedicate this post to her- Mini Chea, my 4 years old corgi. She made me a better person, a happier person and definitely goofier!

I bumped into 4-day-old her at a parking lot on campus. She was sold to me by a college student who has two adult corgis. She is the first litter of puppies by her biological mother. When I met her at the parking lot, she was so tiny, as big as the size of my palm, her tail was docked and her feet were declawed. I never really understand why would people want to dock the lovely tail of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. If she has a tail, it would be like a fox tail and that would be so adorable.

I have always wanted a dog ever since I was a child, looking at a litter of tiny corgi puppies, how could I resist their cuteness and angelic faces? I took her home after about two months, after weaning.

She doesn’t really like me at first. I’m like an evil stranger who took her away and gave her a bath on the first day I took her home. I am also the stranger who fed her partially blended rice and beef food, dressed her up into colorful clothes with bow ties that she absolutely hates it.



It took me about four weeks to train her to pee and poop at pee pad. During this process, she made me a better-tempered person and much more patient than I was. I read a lot of books about infant’s personality development and its relationship to puppies. Puppies are like babies. They mimic their parents’ behavior including temper and personality. At the beginning of training her to poop and pee at their right spot makes me quite frustrated. She will pee and poop everywhere including my blanket and my pillows. I threw away one blanket and 5 pillows. During this process, I learnt to be patient and gentle. I learnt that yelling at her will make things worse so I stopped getting angry at her and stopped showing her negative feelings like anger and sadness. I praise her whenever she did it almost right, and praise her repeatedly whenever she did it right.


I learned to talk to her and people around me politely and kindly. I get angry less and less in my daily life. I smile more. Her smile calms me down instantly whenever I am stressed. She made me a much more calm and peaceful person. When I took her home, I looked at her and promised her that I’ll give her the best food I can afford and be the most loving mother to her. I did not know how to do it back then. I read a lot of books and living with her changed my personality gradually. I want her to be happy and not to be afraid of me so I became a much more gentle person. I smile to her every time she looks at me or I look at her. I want her to know that it is okay to make mistakes and I’ll not be mad at her so I tried not to get angry at her whenever she did something wrong. I want her to be confident so I praise her every time she did something right. I want her to know that this is her home and she can explore the whole place so I do not use crate or confine her to a certain area. A lot of pet training books encourage the use of crate but I find that when I place more trust in her she is happier and feel much more comfortable.


I learnt the simplest and most fundamental sincere happiness from her. She doesn’t need much to be happy. When we human beings are trying so hard to get more or ask for more in life in order to be happy, she taught me how to be happy in the simplest way. She smiles to greet everyone she sees. Her favourite person to greet is the FedEx people, whenever they dropped a package at the front door, she will run to the window by the door and wag her tail and still smiling even after they had left. I like to hide pieces of dog cookies around to play “treasure hunt” with her. The satisfaction of finding each piece makes her happy.

She taught me to be forgiving. Some people do not like dogs.We have a neighbour who really does not like dogs. I sometimes let her run around without leash, and there’s one time she went to greet this neighbour of ours who kicked her because she doesn’t like dogs. She even yelled at me and asked me to get her away. Mini still smiles to her every time she sees her. I’m the one who is still furious at our neighbour and can’t forgive her for kicking my daughter. Since Mini seems to have already forgiven her, I’ll learn to forgive and forget too.

She also taught me how to be manipulative and get away with things. Mini seems to have this fine taste of knowing which pair of shoes are the most expensive and she absolutely prefers heels than flats. When she was less than a year old she was quite destructive, she doesn’t like her chew toys, she prefers my high heels and toilet papers/kitchen papers. There’s one time she figured out the place we stored kitchen papers and toilet papers. When I got home, the whole living rooms is covered with small pieces of toilet papers. I looked at her and I asked “is that you?”, she rolled over with her tummy facing me and keep smiling. To make sure that I’m absolutely not mad at her,  she keeps smiling at me until I’m done cleaning up and later on she even went to our bedroom and stayed there for a few hours as some sort of self punishment I supposed. She taught me that I should smile more and that keep smiling can help me to get away with things or get what I want. Sometimes I’m really busy with my homework, I will ignore her for hours, she will sit right beside my desk and keep smiling until I play with her for a while.

Mini also showed me what is never giving up if something is really important to me. She has been chasing squirrels for years but she never caught them. She will still try every time she sees them and she never give up. Sometimes I have to stand by the tree for half an hour to wait for her to keep trying to chase the squirrel on top of the tree. I have to carry her away to snap her out of it every single time.

Each day with her by my side, I am growing with her, learning from her and be inspired by her.

Thank you Mini. Mommy loves you,always. Because of you, mommy is a happier person with much more patience and wisdom. You will always be my happy little angel with lots of wisdom and laughters.